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The Municipality of Sulop came to existence through Executive Order No. 295 issued by then President Carlos P. Garcia on April 24,1958which officially separated the barrio of Sulop and its adjacent barrios and sitios from the Municipality of Padada and organized the adverted barrios and sitios into an independent political subdivision known as the Municipality of Sulop comprising of 25 barangays. Through the said order, it can be gleaned that the existence of Sulop as a political subdivision dated back many years before it was created as a municipality.

Originally, the name Sulop was derived from the Tagacaolo Word “SULOP” which means swampy place surrounded by second growth forest and habitat of wild pigs. The Tagacaolo, B’laans and Bagobos were the early inhabitants of this place.

In the early part of the 19th century, a wave of immigrants from the Visayas, mostly from Cebu came to the place. They were followed by immigrants from Leyte, Iloilo and Bohol who also came to settle during the period. These new inhabitants acquired lands from the natives and converted the swampy and forested place into a more productive agricultural area.

Over the years the development of Sulop as a Municipality underwent eight (8) changes of leadership under various political situations. The first set of officials was headed by Nestorio Comabig who was appointed by President Garcia. All the other succeeding sets of officials assumed office by popular elections except those who assumed office by appointment after the EDSA REVOLUTION.

The greatest achievement of the first Municipal Mayor was the assignment of residential lots to interested parties consistent to the town site development plan. Six months after he assumed office, Mayor Nestorio Comabig resigned from his post, Antonio Go Pace then took charged of the responsibility. He facilitated the construction of the municipality’s town hall.

The first light of progress of the municipal economy was observed when Sebastian C. Mondejar, Sr. succeeded the post after the death of Mayor Pace in 1974 and facilitated the coming of Cocoa Investors, Incorporated (CII), a multi-million pesos corporation engaged in Cacao beans production.However his term of office was cut short because during the height of the Insurgency in November 03,1982, Mayor Sebastian C. Mondejar, Sr. was killed in ambush. He was then succeeded by Perfecto O. Sagarino, whose greatest achievement was the construction of Sulop Public Market building. Unfortunately, by stroke of events, Mayor Perfecto O. Sagarino relinquished his position after the EDSA revolution in 1986. Atty. Leopoldo C. Diones, Jr. was then installed as Officer-In-Charge. He retained his post by winning the 1987 and 1992 elections. His greatest  achievement was the restoration of Peace and Order in the Municipality.

In 1995, a new dawn of leadership has risen with the election Atty. Jose Jimmy S. Sagarino, the son of former Mayor Perfecto O. Sagarino, Sr., who emerged the winner in the mayoralty race. Right there and then he aggressively pursued the dreams of the past Local Chief Executives to bring Sulop into the forefront of development.

He initiated the formulation of the vision of Sulop and the expansion of the Sulop Waterworks Operation, worked for the completion of the Municipal Comprehensive Development Plan for CY 1995-2005, caused the construction of the new government center of Sulop and forge a joint venture agreement with the private sector for the construction and operation of Sulop Overland Transport Terminal. After exhausting the nine (9) consecutive year’s limit of holding elective public office, he was succeeded by Mayor Restituto C. Ornales. In his quest to sustain the obtaining momentum of development, he placed agricultural productivity as the center of his development thrusts and initiated the construction of Labon-Clib Steel Bridge.

The latest change in leadership took place on June 30, 2007, when the newly elected-mayor assumed post at 12:00 noon marking the return of Atty. Jose Jimmy S. Sagarino.  Under his new term as Local Chief Executive, he facilitated the grand  celebration of the Golden (50 years) Founding Anniversary of the Municipality. At present, one of the development efforts of the current leadership is also focused on Agricultural Production with the vision of making the municipality as the livestock capital of Davao del Sur, anchored on goat production that was officially declared as One Town One Product (OTOP) of the municipality, in coordination with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). He also continued and gave more emphasis in his formerly initiated pet project dubbed as “Barangay Immersion and Mobile Government Program” being sustained through the concerted efforts of the local officials and employees and the officials in the barangays.

He then facilitated the construction and improvement of the new public market and the acquisition of new public cemetery. It was also during these period that several farm to market roads underwent rehabilitation, to wit: LUTAGBU ( Luparan-Tagolilong –Buguis) Farm to market road, LACLITCOBA (Labon-Clib-Litos-Cogon, Bacaca) Farm to market road and other major road networks within the municipality to further improve the delivery of products from the farm to  its respective market.

In social services aspect, he facilitated a very unique idea of empowerment and enhancing the capability of the Barangay officials and functionaries through the LEAP-BOW (Ladderized Education Acceleration Program of Barangay Officials and Worker ) program and also facilitated the establishment of the SPAMAST Sulop Extension Campus. He made sure that his constituents will have access to Health Service through the Philhealth program.  A municipal wide mortuary program was also in place with establishment of the ALAYON PROGRAM. Barangay health workers were gives SSS pensions while scholarship programs were given to deserving students in the municipality.

And the 2016 national and local elections, the rich history of Sulop was once again rewritten as the first woman Mayor of Sulop was elected into position in the person of Maria Saranillo Sagarino, the mother of outgoing Mayor Atty. Jose Jimmy S. Sagarino, and the wife of former Mayor Perfecto O. Sagarino, Sr. The lady Mayor continued the plans of the previous administration and anchored the development of the Municipality on the following areas: Institutional, Economic, Social, Environmental and Infrastructure development.

She also aggressively pursued the vision of the past administration of making Sulop as the livestock capital in Davao del Sur. She further intensified the growth of the food highway program to be promoted as tourist attraction.