Municipal Mayor
Sulop, Davao del Sur
March 25, 2021

The Presiding Officer, Atty. Willie S. Villegas, Honorable Members of this Chamber, Distinguished Guests, Punong Barangays, All Heads-of-Offices in attendance, good morning.

Again, I stand before you today to tender my mandated State of the Municipality Address as your municipal mayor. Another year of hard work has passed and once again, here I am to submit my report to the people who ought to know the current state our municipality after 365 days of discharging my duties as the steward of our beloved Sulop.

2020: A YEAR WITHOUT PRECEDENT – LGU Sulop’s response to the COVID-19 virus and what transpired during the pandemic.

On January 30, 2020, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared the COVID-19 outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, the highest level of alarm, a rallying call to all countries to immediately take notice and to take action.
This LGU immediately responded to the call after President Rodrigo Roa Duterte issued Presidential Proclamation No. 922 on March 08, 2020 Declaring a State of Public Health Emergency throughout the Philippines to protect and defend every Filipino against the COVID-19 contagion. This administration issued Executive Order No. 64 on March 17, 2020 declaring the entire municipality under pre-emptive community quarantine providing guidelines for the containment of the virus. Subsequent issuances were issued placing the municipality under ECQ, GCQ and MGCQ consecutively. From then on, we never looked back, faced the challenges head on, leaving no one behind.
We expended a total of Php 57,151,307.50 from various sources: the National, Provincial, Municipal and the Barangay coffers. Other national line agencies and LGU’s also shared in our efforts to protect our residents and to stop the spread of the virus.
We ensured that the people were well-protected and well-fed. This administration worked very hard to balance the local economy and the well-being of the people. Appropriate measures were rolled out to provide for the needs of the people whose means of livelihood were grossly affected at the same time saw to it that the local economy will not collapse. We were able to provide food packs in seven tranches, which was punctuated last December 2020 with our Hunger Free Christmas and New Year program.
Our efforts were duly recognized by the national government especially during our distribution of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) of the government spearheaded by the DSWD through the MSWDO, being the first LGU to have completed its distribution to the beneficiaries. We filled the gap among those who were not qualified to receive the SAP using our local funds. Everybody had their share of the pie, no one was left behind.
We have provided isolation and quarantine facilities, as well as handwashing faciities and took care of our frontliners especially the health care workers who were and still are the backbone of the COVID-19 response around the world.
But there is much to do in 2021. The pandemic still rages on not only in the Philippines but in the large part of the world. There are massive funding gaps.


Our performance on Revenue Generation:

We take a look on how we fared in revenue generation because, as we all know, it is very vital in the operation of the LGU. This was very crucial in the existence of this LGU during the pandemic.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my distinct pleasure to inform you that we were in a very sound financial footing in 2020 given the fact that we were able to generate a local income of Php 24,199,887.05 compared to Php 22,190,963.20 in 2019, reflecting an increase of Php 2,008,923.85. Total income generated was Php 162,481,485.04 (including IRA) compared to Php 135,709,492.39 in 2019, or an increase of Php 26,771,991.65. You can see that we posted a very significant increase of 20% in our revenue generation with 90% collection efficiency through our aggressive tax campaign strategies despite the pandemic.

Our performance on Revenue Allocation and Utilization.

Balancing income against expenditures is not easy. You have to take into account how much income to project and prepare the subsequent budget and allocate the funds which are not yet realized or collected. It is also my responsibility to see to it that all transactions should be in conformity with the general government accounting principles and maintain a system of internal controls to safeguard against unauthorized use or disposition of government funds.

We have allocated Php 167,172,736.00 in the CY2020 Annual Budget. Total expenditures for 2020 was Php162,127,975.09 against our total income of Php 162,481,485.04 or a 99.78% ratio of expenditure vis-à-vis income, meaning we did not overspend and even gained a surplus amounting Php 19,640.21 notwithstanding the pandemic.

Total expenditures per capita of the municipality was Php 4,652.57 indicating that the MLGU of Sulop had accorded development programs and projects per capita which is almost at par with the average 2ndclass municipality.

We gained positive points on the allocation and utilization of our resources. And we were able to save because of our prudent fiscal management. With this outcome, we had a sound fiscal management the year past.

For this laudable performance, my gratitude to our Fiscal Management Team.

A peek on our Public Safety and Security.

We had our hands full in the past year in securing the safety of our people with the imposition of the ECQ, GCQ and subsequently MGCQ in the municipality. Our local PNP was saddled with the task of the strict enforcement of the MIATF guidelines to safeguard the safety and health of our citizens, making sure that everybody, except the APORS, stays at home during the entire lockdown period.

Efforts have been exerted by the local authorities in crime prevention with focus on increasing police visibility, intensified law enforcement operations and police–community partnerships. To safeguard our achievements in growth and development, the LGU continued to invest in enabling the police and the barangay volunteers to ensure the safety of the people. The municipal crime situation in 2020 reflects a total crime volume of 57 with index crime at 7 and non-index crime of 50, showing a very minimal crime rate of 0.16% for a population of 34,847.

While we were increasing our efforts to address and contain criminality, we were, at the same time reinforcing our risk reduction and management capabilities. The MDRRMO conducted trainings on disaster preparedness for its personnel: Enhance Basic Life Support and Emergency Response training, Emergency Course Management during Pandemic Crisis, Managing Mass Casualty Incident in the New Normal Situation, and refresher Course on Basic Life Support. On the other hand, we have adopted a long term disaster risk reduction strategies through intensive reforestation and flood mitigation programs such as the concreting of food control canals around the Poblacion area, the municipality being a flood prone locality.

The municipality’s tranquil atmosphere and the omnipresence of order and harmony ably maintained by our vigilant peace-keeping forces and peace-loving citizens resulted to heightened investor confidence to invest in our locality, boosting our economy with the influx of new investors. Good governance and the resilience of the economy have put the spotlight on our municipality as a viable investment destination. We are currently enjoying inspired investor trust. All you have to do is look around to confirm that the local economy is vibrantly thriving. We are experiencing a construction boom right in the midst of a health crisis.

Our performance on the Infrastructure Sector

The long awaited PRDP project finally commenced last January. The Package 1 of the project which starts at barangay Waterfall up to Labon Gamay in Barangay Labon is already 63% accomplished, while the Package 2 of the project is still on the bidding process at the PLGU. The total project cost of the PRDP Concreting of Waterfall to Osmeña FMR with PSCG Bridge (Package 1&2) is PhP 271,000,000.00.

A total Php 83,561,711.60 from several sources (national, PLGU, MLGU, and BLGU) was expended for the various infrastructure projects we implemented in 2020 and Php 1,709,030.60 was expended for the Potable Water System in the different barangays.

Another Php 1,391,000.00 was expended for the concreting of 632.10 linear meters of our drainage canals while Php 315,000.00 was also expended for the construction of box culverts and installation of RCCPs.

To sum up, a grand total of Php 357,976,742.60 (including the PRDP project) was expended for our infrastructure sector in 2020, most of which were outsourced.

Let us recap our performance in agriculture.

Our corn production churned out a production output of 2,400 metric tons for both the OPV variety and the hybrid variety. We had a minor setback in our rice production because the existing rice fields were affected by the ongoing construction of the flood control implements, thus, reducing the production hectarage in 2020. Barely 90 hectares turned out a production output of 450 metric tons. Vegetable production churned out significant figures on farmers’ income with 119 metric tons production output.

Fish production was not left behind with an output of 1.60 metric tons for tilapia, 3.80 metric tons for bangus and 8,563,203 pieces bangus fingerlings (garungan) last year.

We are making headway in our animal production. As of latest count, we now have 2,397 heads of cattle and 3,738 heads of goat in our animal dispersal program.

Our Health and Sanitation Interventions

The health and sanitation sector was given primary attention in the wake of the pandemic with the implementation of stringent health protocols. Our health care program was allocated with the continuing appropriation of Php 2 million for our PhilHealth Indigent program which now has 700 enrollees.

The Municipal Health Office spearheaded the construction/renovation of the Barangay Health Stations (BHS) in barangays Buguis, Labon, and Parami as well as the construction of the Municipal Isolation Units (8 bed capacity) and renovation of temporary shelter as MIU (4 doors). Handwashing facilities were installed in all schools within the municipality. The MHO also facilitated the procurement of assistive devices and medical equipment during the State of Public Health Emergency.

With regard to our ambitious Zero Household without CR project, the endeavor is almost completed in the pilot barangay of Lapla with a backlog of only 10 households.

Our Urban Development Program

Landscaping of the municipal hall grounds is currently on-going where we expended Php 200,000.00 in 2020.

A children’s playground with amenities and landscaped grounds was established in the ProBiz Quad. The project costs Php 280,000.00 which was culled from the 20% Development Fund.

Our municipal drainage system have undergone a face lifting with the rip rapping and concreting of the drainage canals (632.10 linear meters), which funding (Php 1,391,000.00) came from the 20% Development Fund of the LGU.

Our Support to Education

Education was given priority attention with the SEF appropriation for all the undertakings appurtenant to providing quality education to the children/pupils. We have appropriated in our annual budget Support to Education in the amount of Php 1,300,000.00, LEAPBOW (Ladderized Education and Acceleration for Barangay Officials and Workers) with Php 200,000.00, and the LGU’s scholarship program with Php 1,500,000.00. Likewise, we allocated 200,000.00 for the establishment of a Municipal Library.

The SPAMAST have 138 enrollees in the first semester and 130 in the second semester for SY 2019-2020. We have 117 LGU scholars and 32 CHED Tulong Dunong Program scholars.

With the constraints caused by the pandemic, new modalities in the learning process were introduced and adopted by the DepEd. Modules and on-line classes became the new norm. We expended a total of Php 1,441,974 for the purchase of EPSON printers and book papers which were distributed to all the schools in the municipality to expedite the preparation and printing of the modules at the same time taking off the burden from the school teachers and parents the cost in the production of the same. The SEF appropriation for CY2020 was realigned for this purpose.


Our agro-reforestation program was given a big boost with an additional 63.255 hectares planted to different species of trees. We exceeded our target of 50 hectares for CY2020. A total of 25,302 different seedlings were planted in 20 barangays last year with priority given to the water source areas within the municipality. The Municipal Environment and Natural Resource Office spearheaded the planting of red lawaan in our watershed areas, the specie identified as good at retaining groundwater.

As to the status of our sanitary landfill, we are still awaiting the release of our Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) from the EMB XI before we can start operation/excavation of our landfill. However, we have already constructed a road leading to the area and its perimeter has been partially fenced.

A Material Recovery Facility (MRF) was established in Barangay Poblacion (P282,717.53) and Barangay Parami (P330,000.00), funds of which came from the Environmental Protection Bureau Region XI. Likewise, the residual containment area (RCA) building in Barangay McKinley was extended and one (1) unit (3tubs) windrow composting pit was constructed to enhance our waste recycling capabilities.


The LGU acquired lots for our socialized housing program (barangay site) in barangays Palili and Solongvale amounting to P2,000,000.00.


The Office of the MJPP was constrained in conducting manpower training due to the Covid-19 restrictions disallowing face-to-face classes. However, the Office of the MJPP facilitated the implementation of the Tulong Panghanapbuhay Para sa Ating mga Displaced/Disadvantaged Workers Program (TUPAD) in partnership with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). A total of Php 2,131,200.00 financial assistance were given to 379 beneficiaries: ambulant vendors, tricycle drivers, displaced workers, and bukag-bukag).


The Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office, in close collaboration with the DSWD XI, was on the forefront in providing for the basic needs of our people during the pressing times. The DSWD XI immediately responded by distributing food packs to the families during the lockdown. The Social Amelioration Program (SAP) extended financial assistance (P6,000.00) to 6,860 families with a total investment of P 41,160,000.00. Another menu in response to the lockdown was the provision of Livelihood Assistance Grant to 730 beneficiaries (P15,000.00) or a total of P 10,950,000.00. Those who were in need for work to earn and provide for the basic needs of their families were given this chance through the Cash for Work program where 1,000 beneficiaries has been served, paid a daily wage of P297.00 for ten days with a total investment of P2,970,000.00.

Supplementary feeding program on a home-based scheme was also undertaken in 60 day care centers with 1,440 enrolled children wherein food supplies were given as a dry ration and prepared/cooked at home.


In addition to our existing motorpool inventory, we acquired an additional one (1) unit Road Rolling with a cost of P 3,590,000.00 and one (1) unit KIA 4X4 K2500 Karga/Passenger Van worth P 1,573,040.00. We also purchased four (4) units Honda XRM motorcycles with a total cost of P 326,000.00.

At present, our motorpool almost have a complete inventory of heavy equipment that could cater to the infrastructure projects of the locality and respond to emergency situations if and when needed.


This year, let us strive to give our people a comfortable life in the emerging New Normal existence with the pandemic amongst us. With the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine in our community within the year, this administration will set out on what we have started to sustain the obtaining economic growth we achieved.

We will endeavor to:

• Ensure the proper and orderly roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine to the identified population of the community.
• Ensure implementation of agricultural development programs that would intensify and diversify agricultural, aquaculture and fishery production and improve people’s access to credit, technical assistance, increasing family income.
• Aggressively promote and develop the municipality putting it in the forefront of agro-industrialization with non-pollutive and non-hazardous, labor intensive industries such as poultry production and banana plantation.
• Establish and develop alternative sources of revenues to support the financial stability of the municipality with a collection target of P25M.
• Increase the accessibility of potable water with additional 1,000 household consumers and ensure uninterrupted 24 hours water supply.
• Ensure proper and efficient enforcement of peace and order and public safety programs and policies and installation of CCTVs in strategic locations within the municipality and conduct of training for the force multipliers.
• Enhance implementation of comprehensive health care program.
• Enhance the Zero Household without CR project with additional 143 households with access to sanitary toilets in the barangays
• Enhance implementation of SWD program for the poor families, senior citizens, PWDs and disadvantaged persons
• Enhance support to education program and sustain our scholarship program.
• Enhance the attributes and stability of natural environments and target an additional 50 hectares for reforestation along the McKinley Range
• Secure approval of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of the municipality
• Ensure the approval of the Comprehensive Barangay Development Plan (CBDP) of the 25 barangays
• Outsource funds for the concreting of our main thoroughfares (municipal and barangay roads) and the construction of day care centers, barangay halls and health stations.
• Embark on an Urban Greening/Beautification Project in partnership with the Department of Tourism in Barangay Poblacion as the pilot area.
• Enhance people’s access to power supply with additional 1,200 Households energized.
• Set up additional 10 establishments along the food highway.
• Secure CSC accreditation of our HRMO and enhance the LGU’s human resource capabilities through conduct of relevant trainings.
• Facilitate the establishment of a fire station and acquisition of a new firetruck
• Conduct basic firefighting training in all the 25 barangays in the municipality.
We are in the midst of a pandemic where our resiliency as a people is put to the test. We are forced by circumstances to limit our movement, affecting the lives of the disadvantaged sector of our society. We have to be firm in our resolve to survive this crisis. As the steward of this municipality, on my shoulder rests the responsibility of steering you all out of this adversity, making sure that everybody is safe and have food on their table.

It is also my duty to prepare for the future. At every moment, I must be mindful of the concerns and the welfare of all my constituents. You need to understand not just what is unfolding before you— you also need to know what happened before, and where it could lead. Confusion is not an option, and you must have a response for every question, suggestion, and criticism — and you must have all the answers even before the questions are asked. This is not an easy job, and I am only human, one who at times is also capable of feeling anxiety and trepidation. In spite of this, my resolve is firm because my primary goal is clear: to serve the people always, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and three hundred sixty five days a year.

Overcoming these challenges to ensure that COVID-19 releases its grip on our lives in 2021 will require us all to come together with humility, humanity, and generosity.

Summing it up, our beloved Sulop is currently in a very stable economic condition with the Sulopians co-existing harmoniously in a generally peaceful environment, confident that the government is ever present to protect and keep them safe from harm and from the pandemic plaguing the world. As of December 31, 2020, the total net worth of the municipality is Php 715,182,482.72.

This administration is leading the charge to create a truly inclusive economy where growth is felt by all, where no one is left behind.

This my friends, ladies and gentlemen, is the current state of the Municipality of Sulop and the road we will follow for the ensuing year. Thank you and good day.